Call for Chief Steward Nominations! January 26 9 AM until February 8 2 PM

Chief Steward Nominations

Email nominations to elect a Chief Stewart for the remaining term, will open

 Friday, January 26 at 2 PM closing Thursday, February 8th at 3 PM

  • Nominees will confirm, to one of the Nominating committee, via email or letter, their intention to accept/decline the nomination

Confirmed candidates will be communicated to members, by email and on the OPSEU website prior to voting.

  • If only one nominee accepts, they will be considered acclaimed and no voting will be required.
  • Two or more nominees will require member voting.

 If required, communication regarding locations and times for secret ballot voting will be forwarded to members accordingly via email and on the OPSEU website.

OPSEU Local 365 List of Stewards

Administration Staff

Buildings & Services

Secretarial Staff

Computing Staff

Karen Mauro

Kendra Windsor

Brad Keizerwaad

Cameron Chambers

Deb Earle

Adele Devlin (President)

Mary O’Grady

Matt Keefer

Craig Cameron

Rose Dunford

Linda Sweeting

William Dowkes

Karen Foster

Brenda Garofalo (Secretary)



Rae Gibeault

Alicia McGregor


Library Staff

Sako Khederlarian

Dan Templeton

Scientific Staff

Jean Kirk (Treasurer)

Lynn McQuaide

Shirley Leahy

Ron Fox



Julia Crowe

Angela Sikma (Vice-President)




Debbie Lietz


If you have any questions, please contact;

  • any of the Nominating Committee
  • or the Executive via the OPSEU office, Ext. 7557

Thank you!