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Post Secondary Studies Scholarship - Deadline: September 5, 2017

Thursday, July 27th 2017

Purpose:  To identify a high school graduate who demonstrates an appreciation of the role of labour and provide them with monetary assistance to attend either Fleming College or Trent University.  Selection will be made from a pool of applicants to receive a scholarship in the amount of $500.00 to support them as they enter their first year of full-time post-secondary study. The scholarship will be awarded in honour of distinguished trade union activists who have made a significant contribution to the life and growth of the labour movement in Peterborough County.

Eligible candidates must:

  • Be a member, or the dependent of a member, of a union local that is affiliated in good standing with the PDLC
  • Be enrolled for September 2017 to enter their first year of full-time study, leading to a diploma, degree or certificate from Fleming College or Trent University,  either immediately after graduation, or be a previous high school graduate that has never attended college.
  • NOT be fully funded for tuition, fees, and books from other sources
  • Not have any prior post-secondary studies 
  • Be current residents of Peterborough County

The criteria for selection of the bursary winner will be based on:

  • A brief résumé outlining non-academic interests and activities, such as community or political involvement as well as goals for the future.
  • Evidence of understanding of the role and significance of the Canadian labour movement.
  • A reference letter. 
  • Proof of enrolment

Deadline date to apply:   Tuesday September  5, 2017

For more information, contact Marion Burton, President of PDLC, at or by phone at 705-868-7352.

OPSEU Local 365 Congratulates Heart of the Trent Winners!

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017

OPSEU Local 365 extends its warmest congratulations to today’s winners at the Heart of the Trent:

Dana Gee
International Development Studies
Nancy Simmons Smith Staff Award of Excellence

Patricia Heffernan
Provost’s Award for Support Staff

Craig Cameron
Academic Advisor, Durham Campus
Service Award

Laurie Collette
Centre for Teaching & Learning
Service Award

Housing Services
Team Innovation Award

Centre for Teaching and Learning
Team Innovation Award

Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and hard work!

Trent University - Salary Disclosure 2016

Saturday, April 1st 2017

OPSEU Statement of Respect

Friday, February 24th 2017

Harassment or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated at OPSEU functions.

Whenever OPSEU members gather, we welcome all peoples of the world. We will not accept any unwelcoming words, actions or behaviours against our union members.

We accord respect to all persons, regardless of age, political affiliation, including people of colour, women, men, First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, members of ethno-racial groups, people with disabilities, gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgender/transsexual people, and gender diverse persons, francophones and all persons whose first language is not English.

In our diversity we will build solidarity as union members.

OPSEU Local 365 Statement on US Travel Ban

Tuesday, January 31st 2017

OPSEU Local 365 is adding its voice to those expressing shock and concern about the Trump Administration's recent executive order that bans people from seven predominantly Islamic countries from entering the United States, regardless of their immigration status, for 90 days.

This past weekend, we have read chilling reports of families torn apart, people handcuffed to walls without food or water, green cards and visas confiscated under threat of imprisonment, and customs officials denying lawfully elected members of congress access to detained constituents and travelers despite a stay issued by federal judges.

We echo Prime Minister Trudeau, Jason Kenney, and other prominent Canadian politicians covering our entire political spectrum, when we welcome amnesty-seekers “fleeing persecution, terror and war,” to Canada, and condemn Donald Trump’s “brutal, ham-fisted act of demagogic political theatre.”

We call on the American Government to repeal the ban and to turn away from this self-destructive course of action: you are fracturing what little opportunity for social discourse you have left, legitimizing extremism abroad, and destroying the lives of countless citizens, legal residents, and visitors with your recklessness. We urge you to rethink your approach; greatness is not found in division, exclusion, or bald-faced lies.

Trent is home to an eclectic mix of ethnicities, religious and cultural backgrounds, whether they be students, unionized staff, faculty, or administration. Similarly, Canada is a pluralistic and multi-cultural milieu, and it is through these differences that we are collectively stronger, both as a nation as well as a community. 

In solidarity, we stand together.

Rose Dunford

Matt Keefer
Vice President

John Boudreau
Chief Steward

Jen Walsh-Hopkins

Jean Kirk

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