Article 8 Stewards’ Responsibilities and Rights

Each Union Steward shall be responsible for representation of members in a working area, including the responsibility:

1.      to carry the group’s issues to the LEC/unit committee;

2.      to communicate LEC/unit committee decisions to the group;

3.      to enlist support of members of the group in workplace actions and union campaigns; and

4.      to prepare and investigate grievances from the group.

5.      to distribute information to the group;

To carry out these responsibilities, Stewards shall have:

1.      the right of access to LEC/unit committee meetings;

2.      the right to be informed of the status and disposition of grievances from the group; and

3.      the right to high quality education and training necessary to effectively exercise all their responsibilities.   


Steward List

Administration Staff

  • Louise Campbell
  • Deb Earle
  • Craig Cameron
  • Karen Foster
  • Cynthia Budgell

Buildings and Services

  • Adele Devlin
  • Julia Crowe
  • Brenda Garafolo
  • Alicia McGregor
  • Mike Hughes
  • Shirley Leahy
  • Alisha McGregor
  • Mark Bedlington

Computing Staff

  • Lynn Adlam

Library Staff 

  • Jean Kirk

Scientific Staff

  • Ron Fox
  • Angela Sikma
  • Rob Loney
  • Brad Keizerwaard
  • Dorothy Howard Gill

Secretarial Staff

  • Tricia Gayle Pearce
  • Mary O’Grady
  • Carolyn Mallory
  • Linda Sweeting
  • Brandon Remmelgas
  • Ashley Maschke